200pc Alcohol Cleaning Phone Wipes – EOTW Cleaning Screen Glasses Wipes Individually Wrapped, Disposable Cleaning Wipes Phone Laptop Use Tiny Size 6cm x 6cm

INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED ALCOHOL SWABS – Each EOTW alcohol swab is sterilised, individually wrapped and sealed in easy-to-open foil-lined packets to maintain sterility and prevent leakage or drying out for convenience and safety.
75% ALCOHOL WIPES – EOTW sterile alcohol prep pads are saturated with 75% alcohol for optimal effectiveness. Effectively clean your skin and wipe away dirt and oil without use of soap and water.
CONVENIENT FIRST AID: Simplify your first aid routine with our cleansing alcohol swabs. You can use them to treat little cuts and scrapes or to prepare your skin for bandaging, finger pricks, or injections.
KEEP YOUR SMALL ITEMS CLEAN: Our sterile alcohol prep pads are great for cleaning little things around your home or office. You can use them to wipe down small items like your phone, glasses, or earphones.
PRACTICAL ESSENTIAL ITEM: This pack contains 200 small alcohol wipes, each measuring 2.36”x2.36”. EOTW alcohol swab pads easily tuck away without taking up much space. We recommend keeping several with you in your bag, desk, or car to use when needed.

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EOTW Cleaning Wipes

With 75% alcohol


Individually Wrapped, easy carry, easy clean.

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